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I discovered kites about 6 years ago. I am not a specialist, but I don't regard myself as a beginner.Actually, I have 13 sport-kites : a babytana, a djinn (sirocco), a jamsession, three home-made protons and a revolution 2, a q2002, a C-QUAD 6.3, a C-QUAD 4.2, I also home-made a C-QUAD 2.2, and I have a wipika 6.5 and a Black Hole U.L.

The Djinn made by Sirocco (Paris) is a good basic kite for beginners.  

The HQ Babytana is a small indoor kite, very good and even perfect for windless days.  

The Jam is the original trick-kite. It is really good.  

The Proton is a little Speedwing. It wasn't too difficult to make.  

The Revo is the most famous and efficient 4-lines kite.  

The q2002 is my first power kite for high winds.  

I built a little Nasawing. Have a look !  

The C-QUAD 6.3 is my kitesurf wing. It is a very powerful kite.  

The C-QUAD 4.2 is the same that the 6.3 but just fir higher winds.  

My C-QUAD 2.2 flies well ! I tried parakart for the first time with it... It was great, with the V-Max kart.  

Here is the legendary Wipika 6.5.  

I recently bought a Black Hole U.L.


Bonus : here is THE ULTIMATE kite for beginners : the beetle...

I offered one to my girlfriend.


Go kitesurfing !


Have a look to my jumps and to my kitesurf page.

This is just a "souvenir" of my first kites...





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